We are the top provider of expert academic writing services in the country. Our goal is to consistently provide students with excellent academic support so they may excel in the classroom. With the highest regard for our clients, we do our tasks. In order to provide the best service possible, we have created a proper code of behaviour that we uphold with all of our clients. The following list contains the exact terms and conditions that form the basis for all business interactions with us.

Before entering into any official contracts with us, we firmly encourage all visitors to read the following terms and conditions in their entirety. This will uphold our company's reputation for professionalism and prevent any miscommunications between any client and any member of our staff. It is considered that the client has read, understood, and accepted all of the conditions listed below when a formal business agreement is established. STARTMYONLINECLASS is referred to as "us," "we," and "our" exclusively in the following situations

1- Copyright Issues and Trademark:

STARTMYONLINECLASS is the exclusive owner of any intellectual property that is represented on our website. All written and graphic content, as well as any programming, software, and services, are included in this. Any attempt to utilise any of the content on this website for a reason unconnected to STARTMYONLINECLASS is forbidden, and violators will face the worst legal consequences. Therefore, it is assumed that everyone watching is aware of the same information

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3. Service Usage Liability:

If any loss or damage to property arises from the misuse of any services we offer, STARTMYONLINECLASS shall not be held accountable

4- User Account Privacy:

Each customer receives a private account. The username and password for the initial client are provided by us. Once we have first given out the account credentials, it is exclusively the user's responsibility to safeguard any and all account documents. Our business will not be liable for any loss or damage. Please be aware that we strongly suggest users to change their passwords as soon as they receive the account credentials in order to prevent account accessibility

5- User Account Privacy:

Each client is given an account, which is private. We supply the first client credentials, which include the login and password. It is solely the user's duty to secure any and all account documents once we have originally issued the account credentials. Any loss or damage will not be the responsibility of our company. Please take note that in order to prevent account accessibility, we highly advise users to change their passwords as soon as they obtain the account credentials

5- Policy of Website Alteration:

We reserve the right to amend, modify, or even totally redesign any component of the website at any time without prior consent from customers or notification to them. Visitors to the website will be able to see all changes after they have been made

6- Cancellation Policy:

7- Disclaimer:

Start my online class offers professional academic writing aid with its knowledgeable workforce. However, pupils are under no circumstances allowed to submit our assistance as their own original work

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